Coronavirus shipping restrictions 🚫

Karin van Soest


Due to international flight and local suspensions An Post, our postal provider, has placed shipping restrictions on many countries. 

We are still shipping to:

Austria ~ No delays 👍

Belgium ~ Expect delays 🕟

Bulgaria ~ Expect delays 🕟

Canada ~ Expect delays 🕟

Denmark No delays 👍

Finland No delays 👍

France ~ Size restrictions 🛑 (doesn't affect us), expect delays 🕟

Germany ~ No delays 👍

Italy ~ Size & weight restrictions 🛑 (doesn't affect us), do expect delays.

Lithuania ~ Expect delays 🕟

Luxembourg ~ Expect delays 🕟

Netherlands ~ No delays 👍
Norway No delays 👍
Poland No delays 👍

Portugal ~ Delays to Madeira and Azores 🕟

Romania ~ No delays 👍

Spain ~ Expect delays 🕟
Switzerland ~ Expect delays 🕟
UK ~ No delays 👍
USA ~ Size & weight restrictions 🛑 (doesn't affect us).

This list was last updated on May 22nd

What if you are in one of these countries?

Luckily, for now, most of our international customers are outside the restricted countries, and our packages are not affected by the size and weight restrictions of some countries.

However, it may become a reality that we cannot send your package. If we cannot send your package, we will offer you two options:

  1. We will delay sending your order until the restrictions are lifted.
  2. Or, we will offer a full refund of your order.

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