Sarah Bilton - Lanolia, the best moisturiser I have ever used

Karin van Soest

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Lanolia Moisturising Cream is the best moisturiser I have ever used on my skin. Far better than the much more expensive brands I have splashed out on in the past. My skin is prone to dry patches but not whilst I've been using this little pot of natural loveliness. I haven't had my usual skin breakouts since using Lanolia either. I wouldn't use anything else now and have ordered a pot for my daughter too. 💚

I used Lanolia's Chamomile Soothing Cream on midgie bites this summer, I can often get an allergic reaction to bites and be scratching for weeks. This beautifully smelling little pot of wonder calmed the itch almost immediately and cleared the bites up really quickly. Better than a pharmacy antihistamine.

I also use the hand cream. I wash my hands at work probably over 20 times a day and use an alcohol rub each time. My hands were in bits, dry and chapped skin. I don't have a problem with chapped skin any more and my hands smell divine. 👐😍

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