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Lanolia Chamomile Cream


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Lanolia Chamomile Cream
Lanolia Chamomile Cream

Chamomille Cream


Combined with Lanolin’s deep moisturising properties our Chamomile cream soothes and calms the itchy symptoms of rashes such as Eczema, Shingles and insect bites.

Chamomile flowers are one of the oldest known medicinal herbs. The word chamomile comes from a Greek word meaning ground apple. This is because chamomile has a sweet apple-like fragrance. Its small white flowers contain a volatile oil which is particular soothing for irritated itchy skin.

Customer stories

"On my visit to Ireland I visited your farm and purchased a few jars of your Chamomile Cream, which has helped me and my family's skin so much. My father had just broken out with SINGLES! We lathered him up every night and we all believe that your cream had a lot to do with the fact he never got the excruciating pain so often related to the singles virus, we are so grateful." 
-- Laura Baker, Germany.

"We stopped at your farm when our tour group traveled to Ireland last April. That's where I found out about Lanolia. Wonderful stuff. Works absolute wonders on my granddaughter's eczema. I wish you would expand your marketing so others would have an opportunity to try it."

-- Julie Berry, Oregon, United States.

"My mom found Lanolia on her travels through Ireland, my niece and I are very thankful that she did. I have Psoriasis and she has eczema and we can only put on medicine so often. Your cream works wonders during the in-between time and helps greatly with the discomfort."
-- Trena Anderson, California, United States.

Directions of use

Gently apply to the affected area and leave to absorb for 3-4 minutes. Suitable for all over body use.


Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Butyrospermum parkii (Shea butter), Anhydrous Lanolin, Cera Alba, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Seed Oil), Chamomilia Recutita (Matricaria), Chamomile Flower Extract, Prunus dulcis and Alpha Topcopherol (Vit E) , argonium graveolens Flower Oil (Rose geranium essential oil),

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