Limited Edition Hand Cream Set


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Limited Edition Hand Cream Set
Limited Edition Hand Cream Set

Limited Edition Hand Cream - incl. free sanitiser for local customers

We are doing our best to help people dealing with the coronavirus crisis. This special edition hand sanitiser & hand cream are gentle, yet powerful. 

Our Limited Edition Hand Cream is made in a tube to be more hygienic and easy to carry in your hand bag. It will help to moisturise, heal and replenish lipids in your skin which will help to protect from the affects of over-washing and hand sanitisers. 

For local customers we are giving away a limited number of sanitisers with our hand cream to support our local community during times of limited sanitiser availability. Our Hand Sanitiser is formulated with Ethanol 96% alcohol (as recommended by WHO for sanitation), botanical extracts of Echinacea (a natural anti-viral) and Calendula (a natural disinfectant) sea-weed and Aloe Vera (to help protect your skin from irritation).

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