Our Story

Lanolia Team

 Lanolia is a mother-daughter company, run at a small scale.
Our aim is to help people to effectively manage their skin using natural skincare.

Lanolia was developed after many years of research & development into natural & botanical ingredients. However, our story starts many years before, with our ancestors.


Family legacy, a growing love for skincare

Our ancestors have been making remedies for skin conditions for many generations. People came from all over Ireland for great-grandma's natural remedies, especially for Psoriasis, as it ran in the family.

The Teskey family always had a love for growing and nurturing their own kitchen gardens. Shirley's mother (Karin's grandmother) Dorothy Teskey, has been said to have “green fingers” and, would grow a broomstick tree, should she plant a broomstick in her garden.

This love for nature and natural remedies inspired Shirley to take a 3-year traditional education of Herbal Medicine at ‘De Kruidenrijk’, whose practical application of herbal extractions had a large impact on her career.


Becoming a skincare specialist

After Karin developed Psoriasis, Shirley started creating a range of highly effective products suitable for people with Psoriasis and Eczema.

Shirley’s passion for horsemanship and the establishment of an equine riding school in Ireland kicked off her career in skincare. Whenever one of her horses developed an ailment she would develop a treatment for it. Her treatments for equine ailments rose to the attention of regional events, stables and riding professionals, which put her first products onto the market.

In 2006 Shirley launched her first skincare brand Shirleys Herbal Care, after Karin developed Psoriasis, a skin condition that ran in the family. Shirley started developing a range of creams, ointments, and shampoos suitable for people with Psoriasis, Eczema and highly sensitive skin.

These remedies, made from botanical extractions would soothe the dry itchy skin, and in many cases, they were effective enough to fully eliminate the symptoms of the skin condition.


Lanolin became the making of Lanolia

While running her first business Shirleys Herbal Care, Shirley started researching and experimenting with the natural ingredients and incorporating them into her skincare products. This was how she first came to know and work with lanolin, a natural ingredient found in sheep wool.

In 2016 Shirley and Karin joined forces, creating Lanolia, their mother-daughter cosmetics brand combining lanolin with botanical extracts.

Lanolin has a wonderful structure, it closely resembles that of human skin and it is for this reason that it penetrates deeper into dry skin than many other ingredients, creating a barrier in the underlying layers of skin to prevent moisture from escaping. The use of lanolin dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks to 700 BC, who used it as an moisturiser and emollient. It is also well known for use on irritated skin, cracked or extremely dry skin, especially those prone to Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema, hard skin on heels and hands. Read more about the health benefits of lanolin

“Wonderful stuff. Works absolute wonders on my granddaughter's eczema.” 
Julie Berry, Oregon, United States.


Kissane's Sheep Farm 

Kissane’s Sheep Farm has been a great supporter and partner of Lanolia and other local and handmade products in Kerry.

Kissane’s Sheep Farm has been open to visitors since May of 2005, the farm is dedicated to preserving the Irish heritage of mountain sheep. Tourists and families alike are able to experience the Irish sheep farming traditions such as sheep herding with dogs and sheep shearing demonstrations, many baby lambs can also be seen in the springtime.

You can buy all of Lanolia’s products at Kissane’s Sheep Farm as well as on our online store lanolia.ie.